What Project Parent Looks Like...

Each one of these checks represents a family going through what our family went through.  They are families that know the time they have left to hug, touch, kiss, cuddle and tell each other I Love You is limited. They are families who have a terminally ill child on hospice.  Project Parent is created to give these families a little financial relief and a little bit more time to spend with each other.  They aren’t in a position to say thank you right now, but I know their hearts and through the pain and grief that consumes them, there is a special place of gratitude for you.   Thank you for supporting the Place of Possibility Inc

project parent 4 checks feb 2019.jpg

A Piece of Heaven...

A child’s father sharing what he wanted to say in Honor of his 18 year old daughter “ Genesis was a picce of heaven that we had the priveledge of caring and creating experiences”

Thanks to all of you People of Possibility who are supporting Place of Possibility and Project Parent so we can make a kind difference for these families in one of the most challenging experiences imaginable as a parent.

Last checks for the month of September in the mail.

Mark your Calendar for December 1, 2018 for Bowties and Butterflies Blacktie Dinner Gala supporting Project Parent.