I remember this moment well, it was morning and I was helping Zachary to the bathroom as he could no longer get there under his own power.  I, discretely, was by his side, assisting him in a manner for him to maintain as much pride and autonomy as possible.  My 6’3” Marine, my son, stopped and looked at me and said, “Mom, how does someone else like me make it through something like this without someone like you”  Zach just has a curious intuition about him and this conversation, like several others, are shaping the context of the mission we have created in his honor.  My reply to Zachary was, “ That is a very good question honey, likely some just don’t” And we were very present in that moment to the reality of the journey others go through. 

We were blessed to be journeying through hell with the support that many don’t have. I have personally taken a few steps in those shoes wondering in certain moments how we would financially, emotionally and physically make it through this and then, i would pull my focus back to the faith, trust and belief that carried us through that journey. My intention with Place of Possibility Inc. is to use my son’s journey, our journey, and the moments it contained to fuel the engine of this project to make a difference for others in many ways.

In our giving back campaign, From Our Hearts to Yours, the focus is on the individual and family who don’t have what we had to work with in a journey whose end is inconceivable, supporting them with the possibilities that always exist when they are searched for. And sometimes helping in the aftermath of the storm that leaves behind more destruction than meets the eye.

I cannot as an individual make this difference for such families. I can however, use my voice, my energy, my time, my team of giving hearts, to create the possibility of answers to their questions, the same questions that came to my mind and in the asking, the miracles poured forth.  Let’s create these Miracles, Miracles that Zach inspired. It doesn’t take much when many are involved, we ask that if your heart is touched by ours, you share what you can, when you can, to support our mission of possibility.

Thank you,

From our hearts to yours and on to theirs!

Sydney (Zach’s Mom)